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My Aspirations
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What I see my life doing in the next 10 years

I have a few goals that I would enjoy accomplishing in the next 10 years.  These are in no way set in concrete as I am a single person and I literally am coming up with some of the details at this moment.  It is obvious to me that this page will get the most updating as I refine how I view my future.  It also occurs to me that I have been living my life up till now, on a yearly basis...not looking so far into the potential future.
1.  I'd like to complete the house I just started on my property in the foothills and move into it by late 2008 to be realistic.  I'm nearly finished going through the county planning, geologic, and still need to do the design review situations first. This will take about 6 months more. I've spent around $272,000 so far.  Things seem to be on track and going ahead as fast as I can expect.  We are applying again for "site approval" which is suppose to take 45+ days.  Then to building approval and we start building!  A little help from my attorney got this moving along again.
I've hired an project engineer and an construction engineer that get paid by how fast they get the job done.  This process has really started the whole process moving way faster than when I was doing it alone.  These people appear to be saving me much more than they cost due to them getting the process accomplished so quickly and easily since they are used to doing this for a living.   
I'd like to travel more for longer periods of time and live like the native people in the places I go.   Whether it be more time in Spain, Italy, Greece, the Tropics or where ever.   I don't like to stay in "cookie cutter" hotels that are like America in another land. 
Part of the travel experience, for me, is living like the local people do.  Now, if I want to go to an "all inclusive" resort which is like summer camp for adults, then I'm OK with not getting into the local situation.  I play volleyball (fair at best) and just participate in having a summer camp good time.
I've just watched "The Notebook" twice this morning.  I am fortunate to have experienced love like James Garner portrayed, twice in my life.  I wish to have this again.  I realize that this ability is fully in me and doesn't rely on the other person.  It's a committment beyond what most people are willing to give. These people had an emotional connection that not many people are willing to open themselves up to.  I want that again in my life.
I am a lover type of personality.  In that, I see the world through the eyes of love.  I found this out when I was going through therapy for my sadness from my father dying. It's my scope of how I interpert things that enter my consciousness.   
I also have realized for several years now, that the reason I am building my new house, is to house the ones I love.  Currently I am setting the upstairs to be my living area and the downstairs to be the guest quarters.  Perhaps where the housekeeper lives eventually.
I am planning on quitting working permanently from my life investing and managing Real Estate in a year.  I want more freedom. My first girlfriend said this when I was in high school...  Words that I will never forget.  "You can get more of everything, but time"  I've lived my life with that in mind. 
I found a new method of selling my Real estate investments and transferring the Gain into a 1031 Tenants in Common (TIC) company which will give me as much, if not more, income and still continue the growth in equity over time with no efforts and liability on my part.  I am now dying to get this done.  
I have closed escrow on a condo in Playa Flamingo Costa Rica..  I've been in Costa Rica three times and I love the place, people, and great year around weather, It's a good place for me to spend some time November through March.  Take a look at the link:    I have a First floor "Luxury apartment" about 150 feet from the private beach. 
I am taking my friends on another 2 plus week catamaran sailing trip around the Caribbean or along the mexican coast around Belize to Cozumel in 2 years. 
My friend Steve and I (with several other friends) took a 2 week sailing trip in early July 2006 in the BVI leaving from Tortola in the Virgin Islands.  We had a wonderful time for 16 days of snorkeling, dining, playing, ...this is that type of thing I wish to do more of in my life.
Places I still want to visit that I have been to: Spain (why haven't I been there?)
Greece, Fiji, more of the southern Caribbean islands and Cuba.  I'd like to go north to see the Northern lights when they are in their prime. But not in winter. I just don't like the cold.
I wish to get more people to understrand the principles of the book called "the Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.  You can have anything you want in this world if you know how to get it.  This book tells you how to do so.  I've been using the principles for 25 plus years and it not only works but way better than I could have believed.
I Have started my Foundation (only 2 months old) called "Elevating Humanity"
We have now 4 employees and our mission statement is teaching school kids the above principles for personal success in life.   
I'm retiring and selling my apartment complexes. Some as apt. complexes and the rest I'm condo converting for sale early next year.  
Now that my Father is dead, I am going to change my last name to "Allen"  This will be after I sell the apartment complexes in 2008.
Something that bothers me more than Fran Dresher's voice, is man's inhumanity towards man.  This manifest in such ways as discrimination amongst many other ways including war.  People's lives are not to be played with like they are pieces on a chess board.  If we can calmly sit together or go camping with a very small group(s) we will soon get to know that we are all humans and the we want the same things in life. 
We really need to reduce world population in order to get hold of the global warming way across the spectrum to perhaps waring factions.  My first suggestion is to eliminate govt. subsidies for having more than 1 kid.

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