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Favorite Links

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My Favorite links: 

Internet Movie Data Base  If you have any questions about anything having to do with movies, this is the place to go.  I found about this site when I was watching a news program and they used this as a source.  I went into it and found there are few things you cannot find out about anything having to do with movies.  Very fun for trivia.

This is where I shop for many of the items in both my personal life and for business.  The NEW products are usually very good and the sellers are generally great to deal with. The only problems I've had is not buying "new" and making payment with other than Paypal or credit card directly. 
I've made over 300 purchases for both business and personal items and got burned only once... Sending a money order for a night vision scope and it came to me broken and not with the features as advertised. That was the last time I didn't use Paypal to pay.  Since then I've had items come broken or defective but did a credit card "charge back" and got my $ back.

One of the very best vibrators to use during sex. Ladies are you tired of using that old jackhammer? The Eroscillator is the only vibrator that moves back and forth (like a tongue) they are very well made and very worth the money. The eroscillator is the only vibrator that is endorsed by Dr. Ruth. You are in for a thrill...this is an "E" ticket that can be used with/without your lover.