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You can learn more about people from list of their favorite things than a profile or an outline of one's life. Here's Mine:

Favorite Movies:
"The Color Purple"
"The Green Mile"
"Enemy at the Gates"
"Blackhawk Down"
"Godfather 2"
"Saving Private Ryan"
"The Sixth Sense"
"The Quiet Man"
"American Beauty"  Until you see the director and writer's commentary voice over of this movie you will NEVER truely understand it.
Some of my favorite web sites: 

Complete info about television and movie plots, charactors, & ratings, & reviews.  Great place to look up bios on anyone in the entertainment business. 

Great quality sport clothing and gear at 30-50% off.  Free delivery is you have it delivered to a REI store near you.

TV series currently: PS I love TIVO

"2 1/2 Men"

"Rules of Engagement" Showing the 3 levels of a relationship...very accurate and funny.

"The Shield" This show rocks. Makes "Sopranos" a snoozer.

Past favorite shows:

Overall Honda. Best design to maintain/repair/good quality

Types of Bikes:
Dual sport followed by street cruiser 

Favorite color:
Caribbean Turquoise water

Favorite type of clothing:
Casual with shorts (with at least 3 pockets) and a Tee Shirt, Cross training shoes with 1/4 ankle height athletic socks 

Where I buy most of my clothes:
Waikiki Marketplace (Tee shirts)


Roadtrips around the USA

Sailing the Caribbean with friends
Motorcycling the Sierra Nevadas

Quervo Traditional.... a bit sweet but incredibly smooth.  I drink very little but when I do, I like to drink my favorite 

Hair color on a woman:
Slightly dirty blonde to brunette. I'm not attracted to light blonds or redheads which I avoid at all costs.

Women's rack size:
B or C. Can always get that changed, firmed up, or whatever

I really like that men think like boys in their hearts until they die. This makes life difficult for women, but they can handle it.


The Truth...If you don't believe it to be true now wait until your in your 50's:

When you get married you give up all your power to your woman...which isn't your woman any more, you are "her assistant" Yes, you lose the title of being "a man"

You go from being in the top 3 most important people in her life to lower than the next 10. Face it, you are now little more than a walking wallet and income producer...good for very little else.

Kids: Don't like screaming. Never changed a diaper and that's how it will stay. I love them for a few minutes (or less) then hand them off to mommy or daddy.

When one has kids:
Hormones immediately turn the woman into an insane irrational creature upon childbirth.  She stays that way until you die.  This is why women live longer than men...the men give up on the desire to live so they can stop the nagging...totally worth it. 

I don't read Fiction. Too much non Fiction to read which I love to learn about.

Things I just don't like:

Liars, cheats, and morons.

Discrimination.  The long term power of the USA comes from the diversity of the people not the size of our military budget 

The lack of separation of Church and State in the USA.  Wasn't our government founded on this principle?

Government limiting our rights

Massive taxation with over 50% of our tax money being blantly wasted

Almost all appliance companies in America have been bought by Emerson Electric so now all we have is poor quality and we are forced to buy from foreign vendors to get decent quality.

GM, Ford, and Chrysler make the worst automobiles according to "Consumers Reports" and continue to do so.  This is well known for 20+ years and still the US automakers make crap on wheeles.   Ford is the best of the worst

More and more people working for the Government and getting absolutely nothing accomplished.

Eisenhower was right when he said upon leaving office: "Beware of the Military-industrial complex"...and he was a GENERAL in WWII ! 

The devaluation of the Dollar due to the US borrowing more money to afford to fight a useless mideast war that will never end. Get out NOW! 

Gasoline would be approx $1.00 less/ gallon if it not for the borrowing the USA has to maintain to continue this war. 

Everyone should take Economics in High school.  Even the President and his staff.


I was a Republican for many years.  I now know there is a clear pattern that the Republican party has been sytematically lying to the American people.  Spinning their losses onto the Democrats.

The record shows that the Democrats actually have helped to make this country more fiscally sound, not the Republicans.  I am now a Libertarian...less government for all.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Reduce the size/power of government by cutting their funding and ability to borrow.


Class action lawsuits:  A great new law should state that the attorneys on both sides get a like compensation that all prevailing parties get.  No more seeing the attorneys getting $250 Million dollars and having the damaged consumer receive a voucher worth $1,000 IF they buy an new Ford Explorer. This is actually a money making scheme for Ford.

Imagine how many attorney groups would line up to file class action suits and they are paid only in $1,000 vouchers for their work AND ONLY if they buy a new Explorer can they use these.  1 coupon per Explorer purchased.  Imagine the attorneys having to purchase 250,000 Explorers to get paid? 

This settlement of class action lawsuit should be against the law.  Plaintiffs should get Cash or nothing just like the attorneys do.

Ok, I got to stand on my soapbox.

There are also too few cherries in cans of fruit cocktail.  Look at the label then open the can and look inside...huge diference.


Thanks for suffering through my rants. :)  All in fun but TRUE!




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