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Mark (Allen) Vreeland Home Page

Places I've traveled to:

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They are in some sort of chronological order. Repeat trips may not be mentioned.

Yearly Trips to Negril Jamaica. I like to stay at the Yacht Club. It's near the action and shopping. I always rent a motorcycle for the time I'm there. I've been to Bangkok and Koh Samui, Tokyo, Paris twice (and I want to go back), backpack/Eu-railed Germany, Austria, Northern Italy and a week in Rome. (I love Italy and I want to go back). The South of France, Nice, Cannes, (I love the French Riviera). Monaco (a bit too flashy for me), British and American Virgin Islands sailing for 16 days with friends, back again for 14 days in July 06, another sailing trip of the virgin islands for 8 days with friends...those are such great trips!, Culebra - a small island near Puerto Rico, all over Florida. I almost lived there 4 winters ago. North Carolina to see the "Stepford families" in action, New York to Buffalo to Maine and back, just after the 9-11 attack to see the fall foliage, Toronto, Detroit, several trips to Portland and the entire shoreline from Washington to the southern tip of Calif, Tofino, B.C. and several trips to Victoria B.C., I love that town! Several trips to the Sierras, (including yearly trips to Yosemite), several trips to Indian Wells near Palm Springs, Seattle and the sourounding areas, Vancouver, Puget Sound (I love ferry rides), Washington DC, New Jersey and Delaware, the Vatican (loved it and want to go back), Several trips to Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Sedona AZ, Belize, Three trips to Costa Rica (I love it there), Cabo San Lucas. 1-2 trips yearly to Hawaii. I'm usually there for New Years.
I've been to Hawaii, Club Paradise in Florida, San Diego and Mexico, the Sierras, a road trip from Las Vegas to Zion and Bryce National Parks, stopping at Sedona for a rest before traveling on route 66 back to Vegas, as well as Maui for 8 days.  New years in Waikiki again...quick,easy and fun. I've spent a week in Germany 3 years ago in spring. It was wonderful but the people are very repressed. I got threatened by the train personnel with getting arrested. Reminder to myself: Not to drink strong German beer on the Eurail.  I'll probably not go there again. They have little sense of humor... oops!
I really noticed that for the most part; the people in Germany are not as happy as the people I normally hang out with.  I seldom, if ever, have heard friends have a good laugh unless they were interacting with me.  Humor is really important to me.  I like people who can laugh at a situation and laugh at themselves.
I see myself this summer taking many more camping trips with my dog and friends.  I have to stay close to home since I have many major things going on right now like my the construction of my new house and the escrow for my place in Costa Rica.  
In May 04, I spent 3 days in Vegas and overnight in Victoria BC visiting some friends.  Frankly, I don't care for the "energy" from Nevada.  The smoking, pathetic old ladies sitting at the slots all day slowly loosing their meager bucks, it's depressing to me.  I'm really not too much into shows or gambling.  Actually, they have to call it "gaming" because the odds are always in favor of the house. 
Drive down Fremont St. in Vegas, grab a handful of $20 and throw them out the window.  It's just a faster (and much more enjoyable) way of getting rid of some extra cash than sitting at some gaming table.  
Victoria, on the other hand is very energizing with a positive outlook and a beautiful atmosphere for walking the town and enjoying some of the great scenery of any city in the world!  I actually spent twice the $ on my Victoria trip as the Vegas trip and I would do it again in a second even though it was only for the weekend.
I'd really like to fly to Chicago,  rent a car one way, and drive all the way along route 66 to LA. This, and a tropical "full moon party" on almost any island in the world.  A bit more time sailing along the Belize to Cozumel coast are all in my plans.  
I'd love to spend an August plus in the San Juan islands.  It is sooooooo wonderful there and breathtaking scenery.  2010 or 2011 would be nice as this is the next predicted "Solar Max" and I can see the Aurola Borealis at it's brightest.  
In spite of what it may sound like, I prefer to travel alone on many trips. I can do exactly what I wish, when I want, see what I wish, snorkel for hours/day, sail rough seas, rest the afternoon away under a Palapa.  A traveling companion wants me to go shopping which I will not do. I can shop at home or on the net and get everything I wish.  Shopping is not a desired activity for me. I buy ASAP and get out.
If you can travel and do somethings by yourself, I make a wonderful traveling companion.
If you need someone to hold your hand, hire a driver and have a great day.

Now let me see, It seems I missed something here.