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What I'm Looking For
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Could it be you?

If you have emotionally connected with someone in your life.  I am looking for you.  I too have emotionally connected with people and there is no more satisfying relationship one can have.
If you are not certain you have emotionally haven't.   I'm not interested in you at all. I don't care how smart, rich, sexy, are, I'm not interested. 
I am a very simple person.  I like real things. Including real people.  I like love in many forms. 
If you think that "things" mean more than people, you need to go other places.  I will never respect you.
Why do the Eskimo's have 28+ words for snow, yet we have only one word for "love"? 
I have a loving type of personality.  Simply said, I see the world through loving eyes.  A treat is seeing a parent holding their child.  When little kids hug each other is precious to me.
I guess this is why I have experianced "The Notebook" type of love twice before in my life and I fully expect to do so again.  I love genuinely and deeply.
I give and expect respect in a relationship. I don't compromise my integrity and you shouldn't either.  People who have no integrity in their lives are "loosers" and will always be until they get it going in their lives. 
If you have the above qualities, contact me as we will get along together splendedly.  
Dr. Phil says you can't change a man BUT you can inspire him.  I agree.

Someone who is easy going and not a full time multitasker would be nice too. 

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