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My Favorite things In life...such a list

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You can learn more about people from list of their favorite things than as profile or an outline of one's life. Here's Mine:

Favorite Movies:
both "Harold and Kumar films...very funny!!

"The Color Purple"

"The Green Mile"

"Enemy at the Gates"

"Blackhawk Down"



"Godfather 2"

"Saving Private Ryan"

"the Sixth Sense"

TV series currently: PS I love TIVO

"2 1/2 Men"

"Rules of Engagement" Showing the 3 levels of a relationship...very accurate and funny.

"The Shield" This show rocks. Makes Sopranos look like a snoozer.

Past favorite shows:


"Star Trek the next Generation"


Overall Honda. Best design to maintain/repair/good quality

Types of Bikes:

Dual sport followed by dirt and then street

Favorite color:

Caribbean Turquoise water

Favorite type of clothing:

Casual with shorts and a Tee Shirt

Where I buy most of my clothes:


Sailing the Caribbean with friends

Motorcycling the Sierra Nevadas


Quervo Traditional.... a bit sweet but incredibly smooth

Hair color on a woman:

Slightly dirty blond to brunette. I'm not attracted to light blonds or redheads which I avoid at all costs.

Rack size:

B or C Can always get that changed, firmed up, or whatever

I really like that men think like boys in their hearts until they die. This makes life difficult for women but they can handle it.

The Truth about having a kid:

When you get married you give up your power to the woman.

You go from being in the top 3 in her life to lower than the next 10.

As a (former) man, you realize that you are only good to provide an income stream for the family and relieve mom from watching the kids in the pm

You have no say in your life

In spite of counting the days until they are 18 they will always be your kids and will always need your assistance at times.

Kids: Don't like screaming. Never changed a diaper and that's how it will stay. I love them for a few hours then hand them off to mommy or daddy.

When one has kids:

Hormones immediately turn the woman into an insane irrational creature upon childbirth.

I don't read Fiction. Too much non Fiction to read which I love to learn about.

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