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My Pets
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I love my dog!

Blackie Smackie Wack

Blackie was a great dog . She absolutely hates getting her picture taken. I think she would rather go to the vet's. Here she is giving me some attitude. She is sitting inside the circular driveway at my home. You can see some of the Oak trees surrounding us. I had her put down on 9-12-03 after batteling cancer for 100 days. Her ashes are scattered in the Periwinkle covered meadow just behind and to the left of her in this picture.  The same place I want my ashes scattered when I die.

A black dog; Actual size=240 pixels wide

My little "April" at 12 weeks
This puppy is very loving and intelligent. She will become a great dog

April all grown up...nice tongue!

On 2-17 I noticed April limping and felt her legs to find a problem. I found what I first concluded to be bone cancer in her right shoulder.  A quick trip to the Vet's and found out that it was a bad sprain. No 3 legged dog around here for awhile.